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                A United Pentecostal Church in Versailles, Missouri


We’re "closer than close" to God’s end time events, that will start the Middle East wars that will threaten the security of all nations. God’s plan is to reveal Himself to a rebellious world and to a un-repentant Israel. He will use these future battles to magnify and sanctify His NAME! God will break His silence and will soon choose the correct time to start the global earth shaking events that will disturb every nation. No doubt there will be a regional war with Israel and the nations that border her. Because of Israel’s victory, Russia with the Islamic alliance will invade Israel. This war is God’s war and He will unleash weather patterns that have never been before and destroy 5/6 of the invading army. Yes, chaos will rule!

Its past time to recognize, were in the last of the last days and God’s church will be caught away. If you desire to go to heaven, obey Acts 2 and in repentance start your way to the cross.